• The uses and characteristics of toilet paper and corrugated paper

    Toilet paper, also known as crepe toilet paper, is mainly used for people’s daily health and is one of the indispensable paper types for the people. In order to soften the toilet paper, the softness of the toilet paper is increased by wrinkling the paper sheet by mechanical means. There are...
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  • Corrugated base paper is one of the important components in the production of corrugated board

    Corrugated base paper is one of the important components in the production of corrugated board. Corrugated base paper requires good fiber bonding strength, smooth paper surface, good tightness and stiffness, and requires certain elasticity to ensure that the produced carton has shock resistance a...
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  • How to make A4 copy paper

    A4 copy paper machine which in fact is a paper making line is also consists of different sections; 1‐ Approach flow section which adjust the flow for ready pulp mixture to make paper with given basis weight. Basis weight of a paper is the weight of one square meter in grams. The flow of pulp slur...
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  • Fiber separator

    The raw material processed by the hydraulic pulper still contains small pieces of paper that are not completely loosened, so it must be further processed. Further processing of fiber is very important to improve the quality of waste paper pulp. Generally speaking, pulp disintegration can be carri...
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  • The structure of spherical digester

    Spherical digester is mainly composed of spherical shell, shaft head, bearing, transmission device and connecting pipe. Digester shell a spherical thin-walled pressure vessel with boiler steel plates welded. High welding structure strength reduces the total weight of the equipment, compared with ...
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  • History of cylinder mold type paper machine

    Fourdrinier type paper machine was invented by french man Nicholas Louis Robert in the year of 1799, shortly after that English man Joseph Bramah invented cylinder mold type machine in the year of 1805, he first proposed the concept and graphic of cylinder mold paper forming in his patent, but Br...
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